SigmaOS 1.10.1

SigmaOS 1.10.1, Hot Browser Summer ☀️

Workspace Clean Up, 1Password auto-fill, improved Airis!

👋 Hey, it’s your friends from SigmaOS!

If you think of SigmaOS like a garden, our team is constantly nurturing it to ensure it flourishes for you. But gardens get messy! So we spent the past couple weeks removing bugs (pun intended 🐞), optimizing performance, and polishing some rough edges — thanks to your feedback along the way!

The result? Now your workspaces are easier to navigate, and have some new tidy-up features too. Keep reading to see what’s blossomed🌻:

What’s improved 🔧

🔐 1Password: new and improved

We’ve improved the 1Password experience on SigmaOS by supporting the latest version of the extension. This means more consistent auto-filling and a cleaner design. More 1Password improvements are on the way!

We want to give a huge shoutout to @moe for working on continuously working on our extensions to improve the experience for all of us.

🖼️ Picture-in-picture: Easy click


Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is super handy because it allows us to watch videos in a floating window while interacting with other Pages. Now, we’re making it even easier to toggle this experience for those who prefer their trackpad over their keyboard (we’re not judging).

✍️ Rename your Pages: *Nudge*


We're all about giving our Pages some personality, and sometimes they just need a little name change. Next time you hover over a page, we'll give you a friendly reminder that it's super easy to rename it. Happy browsing!

🧘 Focus mode: better colors

For users on a classic SigmaOS theme (light, dark, system), we’ve removed the orange border in focus mode so it’s less distracting. Enjoy your focus sessions!

✨Airis: Ai ai, captain!


A huge shoutout to everyone who has access to our native AI assistant Airis. With your feedback, we're working hard to make it even better.

The Airis Chat textfield has been improved to make it easier for you to send more detailed messages with line breaks.

And just between us, if you're interested in getting early access, click here 😉

What’s new 💫

🧹Tidy workspaces: New Clean Up button


We love a clean workspace! We understand how tedious it can be to close each page one by one.

Now you can mark all your unlocked Pages in your workspace as done in just one click to keep everything tidy; thanks for keeping our workspaces tidy @xusi!

👀 Auto-scroll to current page

Before, it was hard to locate your Pages when switching between Workspaces or creating a new Page. Now, you’ll be auto-scrolled to the current page so you never look like this again:

(I’ve wanted this myself for ages, so thank you team!)
(I’ve wanted this myself for ages, so thank you team!)

What’s next 🤔

🔐 1Password local app

@moe & @saurav are working hard with the 1Password team to bring the full experience of 1Password to SigmaOS including TouchID! 🤩

🎨 Design polishes

@ali & @xusi are working on making the experience and feel of the app even more delightful, so stay tuned… 👀

We want to hear from you 🧡

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