Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet

⌨️ Shortcuts

Here's an exhaustive list of every keyboard shortcut on SigmaOS!

🏠 General commands

  • C to view this cheat sheet
  •  + K to open the SigmaOS command line
  •  + K + feedback to open the SigmaOS feedback form

🗺 Navigation

This is how you navigate between pages and workspaces

  •  or K/J to move up and down pages
  •  +  to move up and down workspaces
  •  + 12/3/… to go navigate to a workspace

✨ Focus

SigmaOS shortcuts come first by default. But some web-apps use their own shortcuts. No problem:

  • i for insert mode (temporarily block all SigmaOS shortcuts)
  • + esc to focus out
  • shift + i to focus into the split screen
  • command + ; to toggle focus to the split screen if it’s available

🔍 Lazy Search

Lazy search is where you can search Google, go directly to websites, search your history as well as search across your workspaces.

  • SPACE to open the Lazy Search
  • shift + SPACE to open a new page in the split screen
  •  + SPACE to replace the current page
  • SPACE + history: or  + Y to search your history

🗂 Workspaces and pages

Workspaces are where your pages live, organised by project or activity.

🗄 Workspaces

  •  +  to show / hide the list of workspaces and pages
  • W to create a workspace → tip: hit the gear icon for extra settings like separate cookies
  •  + W to edit the current workspace you are
  • ^ + W to start a private browsing session
  •  +  +  to move a workspace up by one
  •  +  +  to move a workspace down by one
  •  + K + delete workspace to delete a workspace

🧭 Pages

  • D to mark a page as done
  • M to move a page to another workspaces
  • H to snooze a page
  • S to send a page to a friend/colleague
  • F to toggle focus mode (removes all visual distractions)
  • [ to go back in history
  • ] to go forward in history
  •  + J to move a page down by one
  •  + K to move a page up by one

📑 Subpages

  •  + click to open a link as a subpage of the current page
  • > and < to indent and outdent pages in your left panel (as subpages)

💻 Split screen

You should use your split screen for quick information retrieval (e.g. a quick google search), and information stashing (e.g. notes).

  •  +  to show / hide the split screen
  • shift +  to send your current main page to your side view
  • shift +  to send your current side view to your main page
  • shift + SPACE to open a page in the side view
  • shift +  or K/J to navigate in your side view pages
  • shift + DMH to close, move, and snooze side view pages
  • shift +  + R refresh the page in your split screen
  • shift + click to quickly open a link the side view

🔐 Password manager

  • enter to fill passwords (you need to be unfocused on the field)
  • P to show your default password manager
  •  + P to change default password manager

🔬 Experimental Features

Features that are not complete but that we think are worth trying, use at your own discretion 🤫

✅ Reminders

  • R to create a reminder
  • option + R to show / hide reminders list