Shortcuts ⌨️

In today’s work, speed is everything.

On SigmaOS, you can do almost anything with a single-key Shortcut!

Below are some of the most valuable Shortcuts to get started with, but to open the Cheat Sheet at any point just press C.

The Essentials 🏡

  • SPACE to open the Lazy Search
  •  or K/J to move up and down pages
  • D to mark a page as done
  • F to toggle Focus Mode (removes all visual distractions)
  • P to show your default password manager

Split screen 💻

  •  +  to show / hide the split screen
  • shift +  to send your current main page to your side view
  • shift + SPACE to open a page in the side view
  • shift + DMH to close, move, and snooze side view pages
  • shift + click to quickly open a link the side view

2 things to remember about our shortcuts

The Command Line ✨ Quickly search and run any command! Open Command Line (⌘-K)
The Cheat Sheet 💥 Quickly see the list of all shortcuts! Open Cheat Sheet (C)
Curious about the meaning behind our shortcuts?

To optimize for speed, most shortcuts are single key and the first letter matches the action (e.g. D for Done).

Shortcuts can be coupled with:

  • shift to affect the Split Screen
    • e.g. shift-D to close the current split screen page
  • option for advanced versions of the same shortcut group
    • e.g. option-W to edit the current Workspace
  • control for anything extra advanced
    • e.g. control-W to create a private workspace
That’s it! You’re all set to enjoy SigmaOS! ✅ Click here when you’re done →