Workspaces 🗂️

We believe that the way we organize our lives on the internet needs a rethink…

Introducing Workspaces 🙌

Workspaces allow you to organize your Pages and web-apps by project, task or topic.

Instead of losing yourself in a sea of tabs 🌊 across the top of your browser, Workspaces give structure to your browser.

Everyone has a unique set up, but the easiest way to think about your Workspace is by grouping together your biggest tasks - or most commonly used tabs - on the internet.


Workspace Ideas💡

Looking for inspo? We’ve got you covered!

For example, as a student you need a Workspace for each of your courses 👨‍🎓, with another for your side hustle 💰, and an extra one for relaxing 🎧.

Founders might set up differently, opting for a Workspace for each aspect of their business, such as social medias 💬, financials💲, and analytics 📊.

  • Other Workspace ideas include:
    • 🗞 News to stay up-to-date with the cosmos
    • 👨‍💻 Dev for your Git repo and all your StackOverflow overflow.
    • 🏖️ Vacation to plan your dream getaway that will (totally) happen soon!

Creating Workspaces👷‍♀️

To create a new Workspace, press W, or click the plus button on the far left of your side bar.

Make sure to give your Workspace a short and clear name, plus a relevant emoji, to make it easy to find.

To make each Workspace work best for you, we have advanced options:

Separate Profiles 🖖

Keep your cookies separate across Workspaces, meaning you can stay logged in to multiple different accounts at once.

Incognito Mode 🥷

Turns the Workspace into a Private Workspace so your history won’t be stored and your cookies will be automatically deleted.

Co-browsing 🤝

Turns the Workspace into a Shared Workspace, where you can collaborate with teammates, friends or colleagues

Once you’ve personalized your Workspace settings, press enter to create an empty Workspace, or select a pre-filled template from our template gallery.

Create 3 Workspaces now 🗂️ This is the first step to organizing your web activity! Create workspace (W)

Editing Workspaces ✍️

To change the name, emoji or settings of a Workspace, press option + W, or click on the Workspace name.

Deleting Workspaces ❌

To delete a Workspace, right-click on the name or icon and select Delete Workspace. Note: if you accidentally delete a Workspace, just press Z to undo!

Other Workspaces 🤔

At the bottom of your side bar you’ll notice two special Workspaces…

⚡️Quick Search

For one-off, tempory searches, press Q.

This will take you to the Quick Search Workspace where, once you are done with the Page, will disappear and bring you back to whichever Workspace you were in before.

Think of the Quick Search as a way to find a quick piece of information, without taking you out of the flow. We recommend using Q for searches like:

  • what’s the weather in NYC?
  • who is the president of Oman?
  • how fast is an Emu?

Answer: very.

📬 Shared with me 

This Workspace collects all the pages that are shared with you, either directly through SigmaOS or indirectly by opening a link elsewhere. For example, any links opened from another app, like an Email app, will open here.

If you want to share a page with another SigmaOS user quickly, press S and type in their name!

Now we need to fill up these Workspaces! Let’s open some Pages with the Lazy Search 🌐 Let’s go →