Common Questions

Common Questions

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Common Questions

We’re constantly working on the SigmaOS Tutorial to make it both short and comprehensive.

But we can’t cover everything – so we made this document based on the most common things you ask us:

General usage

🔐 Password Managers?

You can open your password manager at any time by hitting P.

To change your password manager, hit option+P. We currently support Apple Keychain, OnePassword, Dashlane, LastPass, Keeper, Zoho Vault, and Bitwarden.

🧩 Extensions?

You can either download extensions from the SigmaOS Extensions Manager (option + E) or directly from the Chrome Web Store.

We currently support the most popular extensions, and are constantly releasing more. You can request support for an extension if it’s not available when you try to download it.

🎮 Can I test or side-load an unreleased extension?

Yes! If you’d like to test extensions, please contact us on the Slack Community and we’ll help you!

🔍 Web inspector?

cmd + KShow inspector

🐦 Login to multiple accounts for the same website? (separate cookies)

You can set up a workspace to use "separate cookies" in the advanced workspace settings ⚙️.

✋ Private browsing?

control + W to quickly open a private browsing workspace or set up a workspace as private in the the advanced workspace settings ⚙️.

⚙️ Advanced workspace settings

Click the gear in the window to create / edit a workspace W / option + W. You will the be able to toggle private browsing, and separate cookies.

🍔 Choosing a workspace emoji outside the default list?

  • Open the window to create / edit a workspace W / option + W
  • Copy-paste an emoji in the textfield that says ”…or paste custom emoji here” below the emoji picker.
    • Tip: command + control + space opens the Apple emoji picker.

🔕 Notification settings

cmd + KNotification settings

You can also manage notification settings on a website-specific level in the Website Settings

🌐 Website specific preferences?

cmd + KWebsite settings to view settings for all websites

…or right click on a page in the left panel, and choose “Settings for website” to edit website specific preferences.

You can modify default zoom, permissions (location, camera, microphone…), user agent, and more!

🌙 Dark Mode

cmd + KChange color scheme (default follows your mac’s system)

🎯 Focus Mode

Hit F to turn on/off Focus Mode – hides all distractions including the left panel and the top bar.

↩️ I closed a bunch of pages by mistake, undo??

Just hit Z on your keyboard to undo!

Next time, lock your pages to avoid marking them as done by mistake!

Lazy Search

The search engine for your browser – use it to search through pages, tags, workspaces, commands… anything you need to do, basically.

🦥 Why “Lazy” Search?

Because you should be able to lazily find anything, or do anything, without moving your mouse.

🔍 How do I open the Lazy Search?

Just hit / on your keyboard – or whatever key / is on (for some people on international keyboards, this is 7).

🔥 What does command + K do?

It applies the Commands filter to your Lazy Search.

This means you’re only searching through all the “SigmaOS” commands (not your pages, history, etc…).

⚡ What’s the Quick Search?

It’s a fast way for you to start a temporary search without cluttering the workspace you’re currently in.

  • Hit Q to start a Quick Search (e.g. “How many fish in the Ocean)
    • You’re now in the special Quick Searches workspace.
  • Hit D to mark the search as Done once you got your information.
    • You’re now back where you were!

🤔 Should I use Lazy Search or Quick Search?

Use the Quick Search Q to search for temporary queries:

  • “10 dollars in euros”
  • “Why is the sky blue”
  • “How to say thank you in japanese”

Use the Lazy Search / for anything else:

  • Open a new page in the current workspace
  • Jump to an open page
  • Create a new doc on Notion, Google Docs, etc…


⌨️ Shortcuts conflict with my page / web-app

No worries! That’s why we have insert mode – a way to temporarily disable SigmaOS shortcuts.

  • I to enter insert mode
    • shift + I to enter insert mode in the split screen.
  • command+esc to leave insert mode

⚡ Why single-key shortcuts?

Because we believe that you should be able to control your browser, without always holding a modifier key. This is what can make you fast, and feel powerful.

We also choose a shortcuts to be simple and memorable, so they are accessible to anyone.

  • e.g. D for Done, Q for Quick Search, etc…

🌎 My keyboard is international?

We should already support your keyboard! If not, let us know on the Slack Community.

Note: SigmaOS shortcuts are based on the key, not the modifiers (e.g. on some keyboards, / is on the 7 key, but you don’t need to hold shift to activate the shortcut on /).

✏️ Can I change my keyboard shortcuts?

You currently can’t modify SigmaOS Shortcuts. If this is important to your workflow, let us know by messaging us on the Community.


💰 What’s the deal?

Anyone can use SigmaOS basic for free!

If you want more, SigmaOS Personal Pro costs $10/month, or $8/month (billed yearly). This includes:

  • Unlimited workspaces
  • SigmaOS Ad-Blocker
  • Unlimited devices for auto-syncing (so your SigmaOS looks the same everywhere you go!)

Oh and everyone gets a 30-day trial 😊

💰 A paid browser? Why?

Because we want to align our incentives with yours!

We’re driven by the idea of building a browser that you enjoy using so much, that you’d want to pay for it!

Thank you to all our subscribers!! 🧡

🧑‍🎓 Student / Academic discount?

Even better – SigmaOS Personal Pro is free for students and academics.

Just fill this form and we’ll add a bunch of credits to your account so you can use SigmaOS for free for the foreseeable future.

🦄 Startups discount?

Yes! Any startup can claim up to $1,000 for their team ($100 per team member).

Just fill this form and we’ll send over the credits!


🕵️‍♂️ Cookie tracking

Just like Apple’s Safari, SigmaOS supports WebKit Intelligent Tracking Prevention. This means companies (you know who) can’t track your behaviour outside of their own website.

🍪 I need third-party cookies for my work?

No problem, you can turn them on by simply searching for it in your settings.

cmd + KAllow third-party cookies

🔑 Are my Passwords safe in SigmaOS?

Just like Safari, SigmaOS uses Apple Keychain to store all your passwords. You can read more about Apple Keychain here.

🔒 Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is written in Plain English to make it readable by anyone!

🦆 Can I change my Search Engine?

Yep! We support several, including DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, You, Neeva, and Bing. You can also add your own custom search engine!

cmd + KChange search engine

Switching browsers

✈️ How do I do this?

cmd + KMigrate browser (currently support Chrome, Safari, Brave, Opera, Firefox, Vivaldi, Edge, and Sidekick).

SigmaOS can import your:

  • Cookies (so you are logged in everywhere)
  • Active tabs (1 window = 1 workspace)
  • History (to quickly access your top pages)
  • Extensions (if they work on SigmaOS!)
  • Bookmarks (they will be turned into tags)
  • Passwords (but you need import them separately)

😿 Browser migration failed

Contact us, we’ll get you sorted asap!!

🔑 What about importing passwords?

cmd + KImport passwords. You will then be asked to add a .csv file of all your passwords. Read below on how to export from Safari/Chrome:

🧭 How do I export my Safari passwords?

Open Safari and in the menu bar choose File > Export > Passwords. Note this will work on Safari 15 or later.

🍭 How do I export my Chrome passwords?

Go to, login to you Google Account, then choose Export Passwords.

🌐 How do I set SigmaOS as my Default Browser?

cmd + KSet SigmaOS as Default Browser.

Talking to us

🤔 Bugs / ideas / feedback?

cmd + KFeedback

💬 How can I talk to you?

👯‍♀️ Can I refer users?

Please do! We’ll set up a referral system soon (with a leaderboard and all yeeehhh), and will make sure to retrospectively add them to your list 😄