Common Questions

Common Questions

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Common Questions

We’re constantly working on the SigmaOS Tutorial to make it both short and comprehensive.

But we can’t cover everything – so we made this document based on the most common things you ask us:

General usage

🔐 Password Managers?

You can open your password manager at any time by hitting P.

To change your password manager, hit option+P. We currently support Apple Keychain, OnePassword, Dashlane, LastPass, Keeper, Zoho Vault, and Bitwarden.

🧩 Extensions?

You can either download extensions from the SigmaOS Extensions Manager (option + E) or directly from the Chrome Web Store.

We currently support the most popular extensions, and are constantly releasing more.

🎮 Can I download an unreleased extension?

Yes! If you happen to download an extension that’s new to SigmaOS, all we ask is that you complete a short feedback form to let us know how well it’s working. This helps us ensure everything’s running smoothly.

🔍 Web inspector?

cmd + KShow inspector

🐦 Login to multiple accounts for the same website? (separate cookies)

You can set up a workspace to use "separate cookies" in the advanced workspace settings ⚙️.

✋ Private browsing?

control + W to quickly open a private browsing workspace or set up a workspace as private in the the advanced workspace settings ⚙️.

⚙️ Advanced workspace settings

Click the gear in the window to create / edit a workspace W / option + W. You will then be able to toggle private browsing, and separate cookies.

🍔 Choosing a workspace emoji outside the default list?

  • Open the window to create / edit a workspace W / option + W
  • Copy-paste an emoji in the textfield that says ”…or paste custom emoji here” below the emoji picker.
    • Tip: command + control + space opens the Apple emoji picker.

🔕 Notification settings

cmd + KNotification settings

You can also manage notification settings on a website-specific level in the Website Settings

🌐 Website specific preferences?

cmd + KWebsite settings to view settings for all websites

…or right click on a page in the left panel, and choose “Settings for website” to edit website specific preferences.

You can modify default zoom, permissions (location, camera, microphone…), user agent, and more!

🌙 Dark Mode

cmd + KChange color scheme (default follows your mac’s system)

🎯 Focus Mode

Hit F to turn on Focus Mode – hides all distractions including the left panel and the top bar.

Hit cmd + esc to exit Focus Mode

↩️ I closed a bunch of pages by mistake, undo??

Just hit Z on your keyboard to undo!

Next time, lock your pages to avoid marking them as done by mistake!

Lazy Search

The search engine for your browser – use it to search through pages, tags, workspaces, commands… anything you need to do, basically.

🦥 Why “Lazy” Search?

Because you should be able to lazily find anything, or do anything, without moving your mouse.

🔍 How do I open the Lazy Search?

Just hit / on your keyboard – or whatever key / is on (for some people on international keyboards, this is 7).

🔥 What does command + K do?

It applies the Commands filter to your Lazy Search.

This means you’re only searching through all the “SigmaOS” commands (not your pages, history, etc…).

⚡ What’s the Quick Search?

It’s a fast way for you to start a temporary search without cluttering the workspace you’re currently in.

  • Hit Q to start a Quick Search (e.g. “How many fish in the Ocean)
    • You’re now in the special Quick Searches workspace.
  • Hit D to mark the search as Done once you got your information.
    • You’re now back where you were!

🤔 Should I use Lazy Search or Quick Search?

Use the Quick Search Q to search for temporary queries:

  • “10 dollars in euros”
  • “Why is the sky blue”
  • “How to say thank you in japanese”

Use the Lazy Search / for anything else:

  • Open a new page in the current workspace
  • Jump to an open page
  • Create a new doc on Notion, Google Docs, etc…


⌨️ Shortcuts conflict with my page / web-app

No worries! That’s why we have insert mode – a way to temporarily disable SigmaOS shortcuts.

  • I to enter insert mode
    • shift + I to enter insert mode in the split screen.
  • command+esc to leave insert mode

⚡ Why single-key shortcuts?

Because we believe that you should be able to control your browser, without always holding a modifier key. This is what can make you fast, and feel powerful.

We also choose a shortcuts to be simple and memorable, so they are accessible to anyone.

  • e.g. D for Done, Q for Quick Search, etc…

🌎 My keyboard is international?

We should already support your keyboard! If not, let us know on the Slack Community.

Note: SigmaOS shortcuts are based on the key, not the modifiers (e.g. on some keyboards, / is on the 7 key, but you don’t need to hold shift to activate the shortcut on /).

✏️ Can I change my keyboard shortcuts?

You currently can’t modify SigmaOS Shortcuts. If this is important to your workflow, let us know by messaging us on the Community.


💰 What’s the deal?

Anyone can use SigmaOS basic for free!

If you want more, SigmaOS Personal Pro costs $10/month, or $8/month (billed yearly). This includes:

  • Unlimited workspaces
  • SigmaOS Ad-Blocker
  • Unlimited devices for auto-syncing (so your SigmaOS looks the same everywhere you go!)

Oh and everyone gets a 30-day trial 😊

💰 A paid browser? Why?

Because we want to align our incentives with yours!

We’re driven by the idea of building a browser that you enjoy using so much, that you’d want to pay for it!

Thank you to all our subscribers!! 🧡

🧑‍🎓 Student / Academic discount?

Even better – SigmaOS Personal Pro is free for students and academics.

Just fill this form and we’ll add a bunch of credits to your account so you can use SigmaOS for free for the foreseeable future.

🦄 Startups discount?

Yes! Any startup can claim up to $1,000 for their team ($100 per team member).

Just fill this form and we’ll send over the credits!


🕵️‍♂️ Cookie tracking

Just like Apple’s Safari, SigmaOS supports WebKit Intelligent Tracking Prevention. This means companies (you know who) can’t track your behaviour outside of their own website.

🍪 I need third-party cookies for my work?

No problem, you can turn them on by simply searching for it in your settings.

cmd + KAllow third-party cookies

🔑 Are my Passwords safe in SigmaOS?

Just like Safari, SigmaOS uses Apple Keychain to store all your passwords. You can read more about Apple Keychain here.

🔒 Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is written in Plain English to make it readable by anyone!

🦆 Can I change my Search Engine?

Yep! We support several, including DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, You, Neeva, and Bing. You can also add your own custom search engine!

cmd + KChange search engine

Switching browsers

✈️ How do I do this?

cmd + KMigrate browser (currently support Chrome, Safari, Brave, Opera, Firefox, Vivaldi, Edge, and Sidekick).

SigmaOS can import your:

  • Cookies (so you are logged in everywhere)
  • Active tabs (1 window = 1 workspace)
  • History (to quickly access your top pages)
  • Extensions (if they work on SigmaOS!)
  • Bookmarks (they will be turned into tags)
  • Passwords (but you need import them separately)

😿 Browser migration failed

Contact us, we’ll get you sorted asap!!

🔑 What about importing passwords?

cmd + KImport passwords. You will then be asked to add a .csv file of all your passwords. Read below on how to export from Safari/Chrome:

🧭 How do I export my Safari passwords?

Open Safari and in the menu bar choose File > Export > Passwords. Note this will work on Safari 15 or later.

🍭 How do I export my Chrome passwords?

Go to, login to you Google Account, then choose Export Passwords.

🌐 How do I set SigmaOS as my Default Browser?

cmd + KSet SigmaOS as Default Browser.

Talking to us

🤔 Bugs / ideas / feedback?

cmd + KFeedback

💬 How can I talk to you?

👯‍♀️ Can I refer users?

Please do! We’ll set up a referral system soon (with a leaderboard and all yeeehhh), and will make sure to retrospectively add them to your list 😄