Split Screen

Split Screen ✂️

You’ve cut down from hundreds of chaotic tabs to a handful of organized Workspaces. It’s time to tackle the Multi-Window Problem…

The solution is simple: a Split Screen that allows you to have 2 Pages open at once to multitask.

You can use it to take notes, open a quick Google search, or write a quick tweet!

Open your Split Screen now 🔍 You can either start a search or navigate to a URL. Toggle split screen (⌘-→)

The shift Key 🤹

Add the shift key to any standard action to affect the Split Screen.

  • Open a page in the Split Screen 🔍 (shift-SPACE)
  • Open a link in the Split Screen (shift-click)
  • Mark a Split Screen Page as Done (shift-D)

A final hint for maximizing productivity: try to drag-and-drop an image across the Split Screen. Thank us later.

Split Screen is good for other things as well! Let’s go →