Lazy Search

Lazy Search 🔍

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it - Bill Gates

Bill called you lazy, not us…

But we do believe that building companies, getting degrees, changing the world and everything in between is hard enough as it is without your browser slowing you down 😓

So we created Lazy Search, the ultimate search bar for cruising the web, navigating between your tabs and creating new documents. It’s the closest thing we can find to Iron Man’s Jarvis.

To launch the Lazy Search, press space!

Open the Lazy Search now 🔍 You can either start a search or navigate to a URL. Create a new Page (SPACE)

Searching the Web 🌐

Lazy Search is the equivalent of your search bar in any other browser. Simply type in the words or URL you want to find and press enter.

Navigating your Internet 📍

Finding a tab on traditional browsers is like finding a needle in a haystack 🤦‍♂️

To find any Page within SigmaOS, just search for it by name or URL.

You can also search for any SigmaOS action, find your history, and set your preferences.


Quick Commands ⚡️

The Lazy Search comes with an understanding of how we work, and gives you the quickest way to take action. Just type New Tweet or New Notion Document, and Lazy Search will know what to do.

To directly bring up the Command Line, press control + K.


Play around with the Lazy Search, have a snoop around, and fill your SigmaOS with Pages!

Okay, but what’s so special about all these Pages? What are Pages? 📄 Let’s go →